Zachary Ogren

Software Design & Development 

I am a software developer with over twenty years of experience providing Python, Java, Scala, Javascript, Ruby,  C++ and relational database design and development services to companies in a variety of industries around the Bay Area. I have had experience with various Agile, Scrum and RUP like development methodologies and have been involved in most stages of both large and small projects.  

I currently am an employee at O'Reilly Media in Sebastopol, California developing both front and backend systems in Python, Ruby, Java, Go and Javascript.


I learned C, C++ and Tcl/Tk at U.C. Berkeley in the mid-1990s and worked as a research assistant at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in 1995 and 1996. In 1997, I was hired by a consulting company called Lante Inc., initially developing Lotus Notes and Visual Basic applications along with some C++ work in ATL/COM. 

In 1999, I moved into Java J2EE development, working with a variety of application servers and relational databases. At Lante, I managed teams of developers, both proposing the design for new systems, as well as leading the development of the systems I helped design. 

When Lante closed its San Francisco office in 2002, I went out on my own as an independent contractor and worked on several projects ranging from J2EE based EDI processing systems (X12 850,855,810 and 856s using HIBCC standards), to PHP and MySQL based sites. 

In 2010 I was hired by Kyte to develop Java code for a video transcoding and live streaming system. My work at Kyte included integration with 3rd party services like EC2, S3, Limelight, Akamai, Youtube, Twitter, and Urban Airship. I also did some work on a perl, bash and C based ffmpeg wrapper that allowed for distributed transcoding and a small amount of work with both Android and iPhone clients. 

In 2011, I left Kyte to work at Message Bus in Mill Valley (and later Corte Madera). The first half year at Message Bus was primarily in Ruby on Rails but the next years was mainly in Scala as well as some NodeJS).  

In November 2013 as Message Bus was moving to San Francisco I decided to get work closer to home at O'Reilly Media.

Skill Set: 

Python (2 years + ongoing)
Ruby (5 years + ongoing)
Java (18 years)
Javascript/AJAX (10 years+ ongoing)
Go (1/2 year + ongoing)
Node JS (1 year + ongoing)
Scala (2 years)
PHP (10 years)
SQL (20 years + ongoing) 
Objective-C (1 year)
C/C++ (3 years)
VB (3 years mainly in 1990s) 
Perl (1 year; some in 1990s and legacy support in 2012 and 2016) 

Databases & App Servers: 
MySQL (13 years) 
Postgres (2 years)
WebLogic (10 years)
SQLServer (10 years)
Apache (11 years) 
Oracle (4 years) 
Tomcat (4 years) 
JBoss (2 years)

Jetty (4 years + ongoing)
Postgres (1 year + ongoing)
GlassFish (1/2 year)
Geronimo (some basic experience)
Riak (some)

Integration With Cloud Services
EC2 (3 years 
+ ongoing)
S3 (3 years + ongoing)
Google Cloud Store (1 year + ongoing)
Google Big Query (1/2 year + ongoing)
Facebook API (1/2 year)
Twitter API (1 year)
You Tube API (1 year)
Urban Airship (1/2 year)
Akamai (1/2 year)
Limelight (1 year)
Mosso/ Rackspace Cloud Store (1 year)
Rackspace Cloud Servers (3 years)

Other Technologies & Software: 
Git (5 years + ongoing)
React (1/2 year + ongoing)
Jupyter Notebooks (1/2 year + ongoing)
Maven (2 years)
Ant (11 years)
Eclipse (9 years)
IntelliJ (3 years)
JSF (2 years) 

Ext.js (2 years)
Linux (8 years)
Hibernate (4 years) 
FFMPEG (1 year)
EDI (X12/HIBCC) (7 years) 
OpenLDAP (1 year) 
OpenBPEL (1 year) 
SVN (5 years) 
CVS (11 years)
(1 year)
XCode (1 year)