Indybay iPhone Publisher Screen Flow

The Splash Screen

When you open the Indybay Publisher you will  you will see this screen. It displays while the application is loading. This could take less than a second or take a few seconds if the application needs to load a lot of saved images.

The Setup Page

The first page you see after the application loads is the Setup Page. It allows you to enter a display name (that shows as the author name on your posts), email, common text (the text bellow the first image you post) and a common link that displays after each image. You can also choose if the email address you center is just visible for Indybay editors or to all viewers of the site.

All of the fields are saved when you finish editing them.

Starting in V2 you can now set default values and if various fields reset after posting. Additionally advanced options let you customize the app in various ways that allows for posting of more images with faster connections and even posting to other Indymedia like sites aside from the Bay Area one.


The Publish Page

The second tab is the Publish tab. It lets you enter a title, a summary, a topic and a region. It also shows the number of attached images and shows either a Publish, a Connect or an Offline button. If you have a reasonable connection you may see the word Connect or Connecting in the button when you first view the tab but if you are using a slower connection it may appear for some time and even change to Offline if the application is having issues connecting to the Indybay publish page. Clicking on connect retries connecting to Indybay. Clicking on Publish will attempt to publish to the site. Clicking on Publish may show a validation message telling you to enter a missing field if you have not entered all needed fields. 

If publish is successful it will take you to the last tab which will then display your published post. While the application is publishing the screen will grey out and you will see a progress bar and a time estimate. The time estimate is likely an upper limit on how long it could take to publish.


The Attachments Page

When you first see this tab it will be empty and display the text "No images selected". You can then clock on the camera image at the top right of the page and it will allow you to choose if you want to post a picture from your camera or take a new picture. If you choose to take a new picture a copy of the photo will also be saved on your camera role. After you take the picture a thumbnail of the photo will appear in the table in the center of the page. If you clock on the image it will take you to the View Image Page. If you click on the edit button at the top left of the page you will be given options to delete or reorder the images in the table.

At the top of the page is also a set of choices on image sizes that you can post. The images are resized when you select the image from your camera roll. The 1600x1200 size is the size of images on an iPhone 3G but may be smaller than the size on newer phones. As stated in the warning text, posting more than 3 images larger than 400x300 is likely to fail unless you are connected via Wifi. 

View Image Page

This page is not associated with a tab and is shown only when you click on a row in the Attachments table.You can pan the image by moving your finger around the screen and also pinch to zoom in and out of the displayed image (which is the full sized image you selected)
View Indybay Page

This page is shown after you post (the image shown is the 200x150 size from the attachment tab). If you click on the tab when you have not just posted an image you will see the Indybay mobile site as it would show in your browser if you went to The publish links seen in this tab do not connect to the publish tab so for now (they may in a future version of the app), so you will need to return to the publish tab to post. Currently you can publish comments through the View Indybay tab or through Safari, but you can not post images. The lack of file upload support in Safari is the main reason that this application needs to exist and could not be written as just a mobile friendly website.