Zachary Ogren

Senior Software Engineer

Summary of Qualifications:
  • Over twenty years experience designing and developing enterprise applications
  • seventeen years of Java design and development experience
  • Several years of work experience developing in Python, Scala, Ruby, C and C++
  • Eight years experience with SQLServer, MySQL and Oracle relational databases
  • Experience working independently and as a development lead on teams of 5-6 developers
  • Some experience Developing iPhone Apps In Objective-C as well as some work with Android both in Java and with native libraries in C
  • Some work in Go, Node JS, and Perl


2013-current      O'Reilly Media                 Sebastopol, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Originally, Java and Ruby development on O'Reilly's backend systems for unit sales. Later Python and React (and some Go) development of systems for O'Reilly's platform for subscription customers.  

2012-2013          Message Bus                   Mill Valley and later Corte Madera, CA
Senior Software Engineer

Scala based system that provides customers with APIs for sending transactional and marketing emails.Work has also involved work in Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Java and Objective-C.

2011-2012          Kit Digital                    San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Mainly backend Java development on a system for managing online video with some C++, Erlang and Perl work on a related transcoding system

2010-2011                    San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer
Backend Java development for a video distribution system. Work included integration with S3, Limelight, Coherence, and various social networking systems.
2001- 2010              Broadlane              Oakland, CA
Independent Contractor
Designed and developed changes to an EDI processing system (X12 850,855,810 and 856 transactions following HIBCC standards). In 2008, moved from an EJB based system running on WebLogic to a mainly RESTful webservice based system running on JBoss. Several projects involved front end work using JSPs and Ajax (using ext.js components for a user interface). I also did some work with GlassFish, Geronimo and Tomcat.

2000- 2010                  San Francisco, CA
Volunteer Developer, Editor, Photographer and Journalist
Helped develop PHP/MySQL open source code in 2000 to allow for open publishing of news articles. Developed on own from scratch a new version of system in 2005 with changes to allow for better management of calendars and events (as well as some changes related to image processing using ImageMagick). In late 2009 and early 2010, developed iPhone app in Objective-C to allow for easier publishing of images to the site from cellphones. I am currently working on an Android app, a J2ME app and moving most the Objective-C code to be in C++ so it can be shared with Qt versions of the app.

2004- 2005              Objectway              Kent Bridge, Ontario, Canada
Independent Contractor
Developed JSF pages and EJB/Hibernate backend for a healthcare related website. Also did some work with Open LDAP and BPEL and a small amount of Perl work.

1997- 2001              Lante              San Francisco, CA
Senior Developer at Consulting Company
Requirements gathering, design, development, testing and rollout for various clients including:
Outcome (Startup Working As a Finance Infomediary)
Project Description: Designing and building a WebMethods service to automate external web sites. Included java code to scrape data from html, post data over sockets and manage cookies. Also included designing and developing java code that treated XML config files as a form of high level language to automate the scraping process.
Catapulse (A spin-off of Rational Software)
Project Description: Portal website for software development (code was based on custom Java servlets since jsp was not available yet)
Neopost (postal related company)
Project Description: Adding additional printing features to a program allowing customers to purchase postage from the USPS (C++ for Windows)
Hewlett Packard

1st Project Description: Web site allowing HP customers to manage leases and assets online (Lotus Notes, Informix and VB). Multilanguage support with web interface to allow real-time translation and deployment of new languages (asp based website with Sybase backend)

2nd Project Description: Tax reporting application for leasing department (unix scripts and Sybase SQL)
Catholic Healthcare West
Project Description: Discussion application for doctors (asp based web front end to  MSExchange and SQL Server backends) 

1995 – 1996              LBNL              Berkeley, CA
Research Assistant
Programming a data acquisition subsystem for a particle detector in C and Tcl/Tk. While most code had to be in C, we used structs with pointers to function to create a more object oriented system.


2003-08              U.C. Berkeley   Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate classes: Numerical Analysis, Stochastic processes, Galois Theory
Graduate Classes: Algebraic Topology, Smooth Manifolds, Functional Analysis and Measure Theory,  Universal Algebras, Banach Spaces, Symplectic Geometry, Riemanian Geometry, and C* Algebras 

1998-99              U.C. Berkeley   Berkeley, CA
Physics: Electronics, Lab work , 2 courses in Particle Physics
Math: Advance Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Topology, Geometry (Hilbert spaces etc…)
Received BA in Physics and BA Economics December 1999
GPA: 3.5 out of 4

1994-96              U.C. Berkeley   Berkeley, CA
Computer Science: 3 Intro courses covering architecture and algorithms (used Scheme, C++ and  SPIM)
Physics: 3 Into courses, 2 courses in Quantum Mechanics, 1 course in classical mechanics, 2 courses in E&M and optics, 1 course in Statistical Mechanics
Math: Calculus, Probability Theory, Linear Algebra, Analysis

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